FAQ Employers

Q. How is The Sales Club different from other job sites?

A. We’re an exclusive club for experienced and passionate sales professionals to find their dream jobs. Candidates review your job description and culture together with each job before applying so you receive candidates with skills and culture fit applying. They are qualified by us, prior to being sent to you. This ensures that you only receive quality sales candidates that match your job. No commissioned employees, auctions, twisting arms, outrageous success fees or gimmicks. We simply want what’s best for our employers and candidate members. The founder of The Sales Club spent 20 years recruiting salespeople and has addressed pain points from both sides to ensure the best possible candidate and employer experience.

Q. Why should we use The Sales Club to hire our sales and customer success talent?

A. We specialize only in sales and customer success talent and invite and approve only the best for your posted positions. We provide you with a free branding page to show off your culture because studies show that candidate applying to jobs with culture in mind have higher retention. Our platform keeps things simple and painless to use.

Q. What is the ClubPoll survey?

A. We regularly poll users of our site for actionable, real time candidate data you can use. We share this data with you so you have a better understanding of how candidates poll on a variety of helpful subjects. Do you have any questions you would like polled by top notch salespeople? We’d love to hear them.

Q. Can you onboard our company for us to save time?

A. We know how busy you are. We are happy to create your profile for you. Just ask!

Q. How does our company join The Sales Club?

A. Sign Up! We accept quality employers that provide more than a simple job description. We want you to show off your great brand and culture to our candidates so our sales professionals can determine if your company is a good cultural match for them prior to applying. We accept companies with completed profiles (we created a very fast sign up process).

Q. Are there any success fees if we hire one of The Sales Club candidates?

A. Not at all. We are an exclusive club that strives to address employer pain points in the talent acquisition process. We feel that too many recruiting agencies and online recruiting job sites charge you too much money for these success fees. We provide better services for the simple cost of a job posting. Each job description shows off your brand with pictures, video, employee testimonials, perks and more, all free.

Q. What if I have no employee testimonials or pictures of our work environment?

A. Simply use your smartphone to snap a few pictures and walk down the hall and ask a few employees why they like working there. Write it down and simply add it to your profile. We make it simple. Our candidates love this information. If you can’t we have beautiful placeholder pictures. No logo? We will add it for you. Our goal is to make your brand shine so we will assist you.