FAQ Candidates

Q. Can others see my profile on the Sales Club besides me?

A. No. It’s confidential. Your profile is for you only. Your profile information will be sent with your confidential application to the employer you choose. Companies do not have access to candidate profiles without the candidate first applying to their job.

Q. Does the poll show up in my social media?

A. No. The poll is simply for you to have fun and compare your own answers with other top notch sales people. We change the questions regularly so come back and have fun with it. You can share the poll with friends on social media if you like.

Q. Does my resume go directly to the company when I apply?

A. The Sales Club is an exclusive job network. All applications are first approved as a quality match to the job by The Sales Club prior to being sent to the employer. This ensures that our employers only receive strong candidates and increases your chances for an interview.

Q. What is the advantage of applying to jobs from The Sales Club instead of applying directly to a company?

A. As a Sales Club member you will see only vetted, quality, sales jobs. We show you the company’s culture with pictures, video, employee testimonials, perks and more so you can make an informed decision to apply. You can include additional information with each application such as awards won, cover letters, and more. Your application goes direct to the person in charge of hiring at the company so you greatly increase your chances of getting interviewed and hired. You have a non-commissioned candidate advocate that helps push you through the process quickly and efficiently. It’s simple. Apply with one click.

Q. I’m a recent college graduate. Can I apply to The Sales Club jobs too?

A. Absolutely. The Sales Club is for experienced and passionate individuals that have, or want a career in sales. If you have a 4 year college degree, experience in leadership and customer facing intern/co-op positions, and passionate about sales, then you will likely be approved for entry level sales positions.

Q. Other job apps and job boards redirect me to company career sites when I apply. Does the Sales Club do this?

A. No. The Sales Club is an exclusive job network that has previously arranged for your application to bypass their career site and go direct to the person in charge of recruiting for your position. This greatly increases your odds for an interview and to be hired.

Q. How will I know if the company I apply to is interested?

A. We keep you up to date. You will receive an “Interested” status notification email. You will then be contacted to set up an interview while a non commissioned candidate advocate assists you through the interview process if needed.

Q. Do I have to sign up to apply to jobs?

A. No. But if you sign up you will have advantages such as faster one click application time from anywhere. You will also have the ability to give the prospective employer additional information about you as well that could tilt the scales in your favor.

Q. Are there any charges involved for me?

A. None. It’s all free. Apply to as many jobs as you feel you are qualified for. We’re creating a more seamless, informative, better candidate experience for our salespeople to find their dream job at top companies with great cultures.